Are you ready to do life by design rather than by default?

I love using human design as a tool for feminine and family empowerment. Think of it as the secret sauce that allows you to live life your way and embody the version of yourself you’ve always known you’re meant to be. It is the permission slip you need to unlock your personal magic.

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What if you could live a richly fulfilled life? If you could stop doubting yourself and feeling like you’re never enough? If you could put a stop to overthinking and indecision? What if you were no longer overwhelmed and able to put your own needs first? How would that impact you and your family?

Human design is the key to this kind of freedom. It is a unique combination of ancient and proven understandings about your energy as a human being. More than that, it is your personal energetic blueprint that can help you peel back the layers of conditioning. Your design can show you everything that you are, so that you can stop being everything that you are not. 

Hi! I'm Nette.

Doing this work is literally written all over my own human design chart. It’s what I’m here to do. It’s been a long journey to reach this point but along the way I’ve gained experience in NLP, coaching, leadership, divine feminine studies, and of course human design. This is the perfect skillset for helping women like you to achieve lasting transformational results.

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"Nette is fabulously knowledgeable and passionate about Human Design. Her readings are accurate and very helpful. I feel I've just touched the tip of the iceberg but know if I want to dive deeper, Nette’s wisdom is available. I can't recommend her enough..."
... Rumi ...

1:1 Readings

Human design can be inaccessible to the uninitiated but in your personal reading I will reveal the hidden wisdom in your chart in a way that demystifies this ancient knowledge and provides you with absolute clarity and assurance over what is, and always has been, right for you.

I help you to truly understand YOUR unique human design by translating your chart into a fully embodied, richly-lived experience that will transform your everyday life by allowing you to let go of everything that no longer serves you.

Find out your energy type

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