What if I don't like my energy type

Help! I don’t like my energy type! 

The first thing when diving into your human design is finding out your energy type.

There are 5 different energy types – Generators, Manifesting Generators, Projectors, Manifestors and Reflectors.

Generators and Manifesting Generators combined make up about 70% of people. 

These are the energy types that can sometimes feel disappointed because they aren’t more “special”.

Projectors and Manifestors, on the other hand, make up most of the remaining 30% of people. These energy types tick differently because they are not ruled by a defined sacral. Sometimes these are the people wishing they could just be like “everyone else”.

The thing about your unique design is that you are special irrespective of your energy type. 

There is only one of you.

Two Generators can have a completely different chart. You can have a Generator with  8 defined centres and a triple split, and you can have a Generator with two defined centres and single definition. 

Yes, they have the same way of tuning into their energetic response. The same way of knowing whether they are in or out of alignment with their design. 

But their energetic experiences will be completely different.

They likely will have different profile numbers and different gates and channels.

The same could be true for two different Manifesting Generators, Projectors or Manifestors.

Beyond the basics, there are infinite unique variations that basically mean that no two charts are the same.

There truly is only one of you.

Depending on your defined gates and channels, you may be a Generator with some projector like gifts and qualities that enjoy being invited in. But you’re still the energy type you are with its corresponding strategy. 

If that sounds high level (which it is!), the bottom line is this:

Instead of wishing you were someone you’re not, become curious about and playful with the design you have.

You don’t need to get into all the details. If all you do is follow your strategy and authority, those details tend to take care of themselves anyway. 

If something about your design truly doesn’t resonate, leave it aside. 

It may resonate at a different point in your life, or never.

The founder of human design, Ra Uru Hu, believed that understanding and living your design is about your personal empowerment. 

Not doctrine or prescription.

Take what works. Play full out.

Leave what doesn’t.

That’s part of your own empowerment.

And that’s what human design is all about – permission to be all of you who are instead of contorting yourself into what you are not to please everyone else.

Find out your energy type

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