Why am I a manifesting generator feeling flat

Why am I a (Manifesting) Generator feeling totally flat?!!

So you’ve been into human design long enough to realise that as a Generator or Manifesting Generator you are here to generate sparkly energy by doing what you love.

And that is totally true.

About 70% of people are run by our defined sacral centre which makes us (Manifesting) Generators.

We’re the stuff that makes the world go round.

So what happens when you are NOT feeling it?

When you are feeling blase about life?

Like the only thing you’re making go round is the incessant negative self talk about not having out sh!t together?

When your energy is not being drained by doing stuff you don’t love, but there’s nothing you’re feeling particularly excited about either?

When life feels stuck in a holding pattern?

Does that mean you are a bad (Manifesting) Generator?

No it doesn’t! 

We know that having a defined sacral centre means that:

  • you have access to consistent & reliable internal energy 
  • doing what you love creates sparkle and impact without even trying
  • your desires create energy and momentum to make sh!t happen

The one thing that doesn’t get talked about enough in human design is this:

Sacral energy is designed to plateau before your next level breakthrough

That means that as (Manifesting) Generators you do all the things you love and feeling great about yourself. In the process, you can uplevel on so many levels… until you hit a plateau.

After feeling like your only way was up, now your way is nowhere to be found.

You may feel like someone let the air out of a tire and you went from being bouncy to flat seemingly out of nowhere. 

On top of that, you are a holistic being powered by more than just one energy centre.

Imagine this sacral plateau combined with other cyclical motor centres such as an undefined root and/or undefined ego centre. Or hitting the bottom of an emotional wave in your defined solar plexus.

It can literally feel like falling off a cliff.

And that’s ok.

We are not meant to be on 24/7 during all phases of our life, no matter our energy type.

What really matters is the stories we tell ourselves about what is happening. 

When we feel off our game, we often default to self-doubt, self-flagellation and negative self-talk.

It’s sh!t so we’re sh!t.

Except we’re not.

So next time you’re stuck in a slump, observe what is happening from a neutral perspective without attaching meaning to everything:

  • Oh, I’m feeling flat right now. 
  • I’m noticing my social media engagement is changing.
  • I haven’t really progressed on this project this week.

Observation without judgment gets us into a different energetic space.

It allows the storm to pass. It allows us to be kinder ourselves when the waves are rough.

  • You are not a bad (Manifesting) Generator.
  • You are not broken.

You are simply pausing, looking after yourself and getting ready for the next uplevel.

Enjoy the pause!

If you are unsure about your energy type and your defined / undefined energy centres, you can look up your human design chart here.

What are some of your favourite ways to compassionately ride the “down” phases of your life? Share in a comment below… 

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