How can human design enhance my connection with other people?

We all love tools that help us understand ourselves. That’s why magazine personality tests are so attractive. But beyond the desire to unravel our own inner workings, we’re also hard-wired for connection.

If human design is a powerful tool to enhance the relationship we have with ourselves, it won’t come as a surprise that it can also help us navigate the labyrinth of human interactions.

Embracing our differences in relationships

Relationships aren’t just romantic. We have relationships with our family, friends, colleagues, clients and community. In our interactions, we’re constantly coming up against each other’s differences.

Imagine you and your best friend are setting off on a road trip. One of you is meticulously following the directions to your destination, comparing the GPS route against a map and the latest traffic reports. The other just slides into the driver’s seat, cranks up the radio and sets off, figuring it out along the way. Sounds familiar, right?

These different approaches to life are often rooted in our human design. By understanding each other’s unique designs, you can decode why you and your loved ones respond to situations in different ways. This knowledge brings empathy and compassion to your relationships, allowing you to embrace the differences that make your human connections beautiful.

Exploring Purposeful Parenting

If human design can help create deeper connections with your loved ones, here’s how it can support you in nagivating the messy journey of parenthood to become a more empowered and empowering parent:

1. Understanding Your Child: Each child is unique, and their human design is as individual as their fingerprint. Knowing your child/ren’s design can help you take out the guesswork and adapt your parenting style to avoid pigeon holing them and nurture their true potential.

2. Empowering Your Child: By supporting your child based on their design, you can encourage them to shine in their own way. Your child/ren’s design provides insights into their natural gifts and talents, helping you create an environment where everyone can thrive.

3. Fostering Connection: Comprehending your own design elevates your appreciation of the energy dynamics in your family. Understanding your own as well as your child/ren energetic makeup avoids parenting pitfalls that create frustration, anger or resentment for everyone.

Ready to explore more purposeful parenting?

If you’re intrigued by how to enhance your bond with your child and become more purposeful in your parenting, start by running your own and your children’s human design charts.

Watch this space for more powerful parenting resources to help you celebrate your child’s individuality in ways that likely eluded you during your own childhood.

In the meantime, book in for a completely free discovery call to explore how human design can help to empower you and your family. 

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