Hi, I’m Nette Hargreaves, your human design guide, and self love sidekick.

I make human design easy and fun to empower you in your everyday experience.

My own journey towards genuine empowerment and self-love as a mama was a long haul – like excavating all the layers of who I was NOT by digging deep with a teaspoon. It took time and grit. Once I discovered human design, everything I had been digging for was suddenly revealed to me.

The rollercoaster of motherhood and all the hard decisions along the way made sense in retrospect. It felt like I could finally breathe out and stop questioning myself six ways from Sunday. 

Human design literally became the permission slip for me to be who I had always known I am. And I want that for you too. But without all the digging and excavating.

I have lived in five different countries – Germany, Spain, US, UK & Belgium

I did a solo parachute after being instructed all day in French (which is not my first, or even my second language)

I believe in potential and possibility

At 37, with a toddler in tow, I studied for an BA in Art History, just because it excited me

I love to sprinkle everything with a little fun and mischief and a good kitchen disco

I am a lover of life, and this work is literally written all over my human design chart, backed by 20+ years of personal development experience. I have made it my mission to make human design fun and accessible so that you can walk away with tangible tools that you can use right now to help you live a more authentic life. 

If you’re feeling high on overwhelm, short on time and stuck in incessant cycles of overthinking, I can provide the clarity that you are seeking and the permission you need to just be who you truly are, regardless of what everyone else (including the voice of your inner critic) tells you.

I believe that living our best lives and loving ourselves is an act of activism.

It is the best thing that we can do for ourselves and all future generations. And human design is the roadmap to help us get there. 

For those short on time & bandwidth…

Hi, I’m Nette and this is me in a nutshell.

  • 6/2 Sacral Manifesting Generator
  • Human Design Guide & Self Love Sidekick 
  • Lover of Life
  • 20+ years of personal development experience
  • Mama to a pre-teen girl
  • Global Corporate Career in Hotels
  • I love to travel

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