Ready to get unstuck and start living with intention?

A human design reading allows you to discover your soul signature and unlock the magic within you. Finally, discover your purpose and who you came here to be so that you can stop living by default and instead show up in the world as your soul intended.

Get clarity and stop overthinking

Allow me to give you your personal energetic blueprint so that you can go from feeling stuck, directionless and overwhelmed to feeling liberated, validated and empowered.

If you’ve found yourself feeling frustrated, angry, bitter or disappointed this is your soul’s way of communicating to you that you are out of alignment. By exploring your human design chart in a personalised, interactive 1:1 conversation, you will know why you feel this way and what to do about it.

My own journey through motherhood taught me that we cannot be who other people want us to be without losing ourselves. However, truly being ourselves can feel selfish and ladened with guilt and shame. 

But there is another way, because self-love and self-acceptance are the foundations of feminine empowerment. In fact, our greatest power is when we realise that we don’t need to be anything other than who we already are. Human design is the proof and validates what we have always known deep within – we are already enough!

Kind Words

“When I first discovered Human Design, I found it to be a very complex and inaccessible concept. I needed someone to give me a distilled version without information overload. I already felt overwhelmed by life and the last thing I needed was something else to figure out and do.

“Finding out about my Human Design from Nette has been a very liberating experience. It has allowed me to better understand myself and how I operate. Rather than feeling like I need to do or be more, it has enabled me to stop doing all the things that don’t serve me and without the guilt. I’m so much happier now.”
Stacey Sheppard
"Nette has a gift for helping you to understand what your chart is showing you, and for helping you to see that you can take what you need from it."
Claire Collis
"Nette shared an insight into my heart and soul, which amazed and inspired me. It has literally been life changing."
Lisa Green
"Nette is amazing! I loved her positive flow and reassurance. Her delivery of my Human Design was so powerful. I would definitely recommend her. Nette's clarity, wisdom, knowledge and passion makes it easy to understand."
Philomena Wynne

Becoming a mother made me question myself too. I lost who I was as I tried to be everything that everyone else needed me to be. I felt guilty for wanting to be and do more. I felt torn between what I needed, and the needs of my family. Human design has allowed me to understand why I felt that way and to recognise that my soul has a plan for me. It helped me to realise the positive impact that my own empowerment would have on my child, my family, my wider community and my business. 

If you’re ready for this too, I’m here to be your human design guide. I’ll make it simple for you so that you can unleash your true power starting now.

So if you are ready to get off the treadmill and start living with intention, book your 1:1 human design conversation.

If you are tired of feeling stuck and want to feel empowered instead, let me be the one to give you that permission slip. If you are sick of being caught up in endless indecision, allow me to teach you how to move with absolute clarity. Using the power of human design I can help take you from where you are, to wherever YOU want to go.

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