Human design is a tool for feminine and family empowerment. Think of it as the secret sauce that allows you to live life your way and embody the version of yourself you’ve always known you’re meant to be. It is the permission slip you need to unlock your personal magic.

1:1 Readings

A human design reading allows you to discover your soul signature and unlock the magic within you. Finally, discover your purpose and who you came here to be so that you can stop living by default and instead show up in the world as your soul intended.

Human Design Integration

Integrating your design into your everyday life is like confidently and safely navigating a
busy road while staying true to your path.

I am here to be your cheerleader supporting your integration process.

Human Design Masterclass

Learn more about your energy type with this comprehensive masterclass. With easy-to-implement actions and journal prompts, you’ll experience greater ease and feel more empowered in yourself in all areas of your life.   

14-day Pocket Coach

An invitation to deepen your human design journey by getting me in your back pocket! For 14 days you can get access to me via Telegram messenger for unlimited queries about your human design type.

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