Desire a life lived by design rather than default?

Deep diving into your energy type is the best place to begin!

Your design is like your soul signature. It’s complex and unique to you and you alone.

Understanding (and living!) your energy type in human design is the 20% that makes 80% of the difference!

Not sure what your energy type is? 

Fancy swapping struggle for flow?

Curious how Human Design can support you in living a more empowered life?

This comprehensive masterclass explains your Human Design type along with easy-to-implement actions and journal prompts so you can release resistance, experience greater ease and feel more empowered in your self in all areas of your life.  

What the heck is Human Design???

Is it some weird New Age sh*t telling me to breathe deeply and magically imagine my way to bliss?

Is it all about taking a bunch of new actions for 21 days and hey presto, dream life?

In short, no!

Here’s why you wanna know about your design:

Human Design is a unique combination of ancient concepts and understandings about our energy as human beings.

1. Your Human Design shows you how to optimise your energy in everyday life. This means less time wasted on things that drain you which creates more time for what excites you and makes you feel good.

And who doesn’t wanna feel good?

Clue: feeling good is not a luxury. You feeling good makes everyone around you feel better too. Of course, the reverse is true as well. Your choice!

2. Understanding your design allows you to make better decisions by showing you how to recognise which options are right for you and which ones aren’t.

3. Living your design means swapping struggle for flow so that you can experience greater ease in your everyday.


As women, and especially as mamas, we are the energetic leaders of our everyday environment.

When we reclaim our innate sovereignty and authentic self-expression, there’s a ripple effect that spills over into all areas of our life – friendships, relationships, family, work and business.


Being our best selves automatically inspires everyone around us – our sisters, our children, our community and all future generations.


Take out the guesswork – make better decisions by recognising what is exactly and uniquely right for you.


Identify what doesn’t serve you. This gives you confidence to stop doing the things that drain you and creates more time for what excites and fulfils you.


Have more energy to devote to what you love – whether that’s your business, your family, writing poetry or walking the dog.

Course Content


Explore your Design

This 25-30 mins audio recording highlights all you need to know about your Human Design energy type so that you can implement what is energetically right for you straight away.


Support Summary

This easy-to-use “cheat sheet” summarises the key areas of your design and provides quick reminders whenever you need them during your integration process.


Journal Prompts

These quick journal prompts allow you to identify areas where you can take different actions in order to live according to your design so that you can experience more ease and flow.


Printable Download Poster!

Your Energy Type Magic poster – print this in any format or use as a screensaver as a daily reminder to live your unique magic!

Do less, achieve more!

"The energy type recording was so concise and clear and explained everything I needed to know as a beginner. The journal prompts were a nice touch and having support materials to refer to was infinitely easier than digging around online.
"Finding out more about my human design from Nette has been a very liberating experience. It has allowed me to better understand myself and I'm much happier for it.
Stacey Sheppard
Founder & CEO, The Tribe SW

Do less, achieve more!


I'm so excited you're here!

I am passionate about all women (and especially mamas!) living our best life and being the feminine leaders in our everyday environment to inspire each other, our children and all future generations.

I bring a uniquely magic mix of Human Design, Feminine Empowerment and Priestess Wisdom to inspire women to reclaim their innate sovereignty.

I also love fun and a little mischief.

Check out my other masterclasses:

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