Want a little Extra support?


An invitation to deepen your human design journey by getting me in your back pocket!

Well, not literally because that would be a bit bulky! 

Pocket coaching means you get access to me via Telegram messenger for unlimited queries about you and your design in everyday life. 

💖 You can message about anything in your chart you want a refresher on

💕 Any current situations you want support with through the lens of your design

💖 What to do when you need to make a decision or feel in a funk

💕  How to apply human design in your everyday life

💖 Basically just about anything you need to actually integrate your design with ease

You can upgrade to pocket coaching for only £72 / $89.  


Kind Words:

“I felt so beautifully held and supported by Nette. She makes all the info relatable and practical in real-life terms but also keeps it fun! No question was too big or small in our 2-week follow-up conversation as Nette guided me in areas ranging from motherhood to business and personal development. I would definitely recommend discovering your HD chart with Nette.”

Uliana Blackwell


I'm so excited you're here!

I am passionate about all women (and especially mamas!) living our best life and being the feminine leaders in our everyday environment to inspire each other, our children and all future generations.

I bring a uniquely magic mix of Human Design, Feminine Empowerment and Priestess Wisdom to inspire women to reclaim their innate sovereignty.

I also love fun and a little mischief.

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